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Benefits of Ozone Capsule Therapy: 

Ozone therapy is used for a variety of conditions.

Breathing Disorders: 

People with any type of breathing disorder may be good candidates for ozone therapy. By providing more oxygen to your blood, ozone therapy can help reduce the stress on your lungs.

Your lungs are responsible for supplying oxygen to your blood. Patients with Chronic Rhinitis experience clearing of the sinus cavities after just one 30min ozone capsule treatment. Diabetes treatment with Ozone Capsule Therapy: Ozone therapy also shows promise in reducing the risk of complications from diabetes. Complications are usually caused by oxidative stress in the body. If ozone therapy can bring new, fresh oxygen to the blood and tissues, people with diabetes could have much better outcomes. People with diabetes also experience poor wound healing. According to a 2015 study, ozone therapy could be helpful for repairing skin and tissue.